Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where there is smoke ........

Life has been thrown into a bit of a spin around these parts.  All week our local rural fire brigade have been battling a wildfire.  We are situated in a beautiful valley with mountain ranges on either side of us.  This fire burnt its way over the mountain from the western side and sizzled its way into the valley.
Stopping it at the top of the mountain was not an option as it is inaccessible.
This is just one hot spot that I photographed from my front yard yesterday that the brigade is keeping a close eye on.  They sure have been busy, with plenty of very late nights back burning to save property and houses.
So it really gets up my goat to hear our premier is axing nearly half of the Rural Operations staff.  Just like main roads conducting roadworks on major highways during the school hoildays, the premier chooses the fire season to act! 
(Warning - rant coming up)
Really we are at the grassroots level, defending the community, countless hours and sleepless nights with no pay.  How the heck are we supposed to carrying on doing this without the support of Rural Operations.  Where does he think we get our applicances (fire trucks) from? What about Personal Protective Equipment (fire fighting uniforms)?


farmer_liz said...

oh I hope they get that fire under control, I hate this time of year! We had a huge fire just down the road a few weeks ago, we are so lucky that the firies worked hard to put it out. What would we do without them? Not impressed with those funding cuts, not to mention cuts to health, eduction, SES, ambulance etc! Got to wonder where our taxes actually go...

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

It is the same situation here and I cannot imagine not having our rural fire brigade as they do such an amazing job.