Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's War !!!

One of our goals this year is to make the garden more productive - "life line to the kitchen" and inspired to make our own pasta sauces this year we have been steadily working towards this goal. 

The Garden this September - entering from the greenhouse - (note the worn path).

However, the garden is being invaded, under the cover of darkness of course, by something that likes to dig and dig it does!  My morning garden walk is spent looking for casualties, (poor up rooted plants) and fixing up the destruction from the night time activities.  Really I am sure they are playing hide and seek........... not there? Lets try over here? No nothing, maybe over here then?...... grrrrr..........  

Did you hide it here?
With the newly planted potatoes making an appearance the whole situation had me declaring war, really, enough is enough!!  Seeing my disappointment and the daily destruction, my DH pledged his support.  We spent the better part of three days repairing, adding to and reinforcing the garden fence.  We only had one entry gate that did not have a cement barrier underneath it to prevent the little buggers from digging under, DH with shovel in hand, got to changing this.   Although we didn't have time to mix a barrow load of cement, he did put in a permanent log deep enough to deter any hungry pesties.
Test it they did!
Tomato and other warmer weather plants ready for the garden.
Potatoes pushing up through the mulch.

It has now been three days and happily I haven't found any signs of destruction within the garden so we are chalking up this round to us.
Happy gardening! 


Debra K said...

You have your vegie garden setup just beautifully, especially with your chicken dome that I can see a peek of there...this is just what I have in mind for our new is very frustrating putting work in to our vegie gardens only to have little creatures undo it all...I am fighting the same battle right now only with my chickens...I am half way through gathering my supplies to build my chicken dome, so once that is done, it should keep them only where I want them to be! Your garden looks great.

Deb H. said...

The only thing that digs here s the bl**#^ damn dog, usually the next day after planting. I hope is stays undug for you and your wonderful garden.

farmer_liz said...

I see your Linda Woodrow chook dome, that's so cool to see one in action! well done!