Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Great Weekend

Recent rain helped to put a stop to the wildfires that have been burning in our area and life has once again gone back to normal (if you could call it that!).
Catching up with family is always a good thing and we were pleased when our eldest son and his family decided to break their trip and detour to the farm.  Helping with the farm chores, the grand kids are always willing to have a go.  I am secretly training DGD the art of milking and she is certainly getting the hang of it.  DGS is the cheif egg collector and is not deterred by a clucky chook. 
Both pictured here with mum picking peas for dinner.

We planned a sausage making day on Monday, DH had brought himself a sausage filling machine on ebay and he was just itching to test it out and called upon our DD and her family to come on out and lend a hand.  It's not the first time, perhaps we are starting a family tradition?  It took a couple of goes to get it just so, but once the wrinkles were ironed out it was smooth and quick sailing ahead. 
Making polish sausage with the new sausage filler - hand operated of course!
This time round DH put some cracked black pepper corns in the sausage mix and after a few hours in the smoker, everyone sampled the smoked sausage giving it a big thumbs up. 
DH cooking Sunday morning breakfast on the wood stove that he has now finished restoring.  It needed alot of work but he did it!
I'm thinking that it will come in handy for preserving the harvest - canning, making jams etc and because it is outside I will not be heating up the kitchen in the middle of summer.  OK well that's the plan, first I have to wait for my tomato bushes to produce fruit but alas they have been planted!!!
Hope you'll had a great long weekend!

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Joyfulhomemaker said...

i adore your stove its beautiful...and hows that sausage making machine..where did you buy it from it looks cool