Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wet weekend

As predicated Saturday in our neck of the woods was a bleak wet day, no surprise really as it is now officially winter.  DH was away for the day on fire brigade business, so just DD and myself. Gosh, however will we amuse ourselves and on such a day?

The beautiful colours of Autumn - couldn't help myself - just love Autumn

Yeah right, now having all this seasons episodes of "Revenge", "Missing" and "Once Upon A Time" in my hot little hands, the biggest problem for us was, which one to watch first, yes folks it was movie fest at our place, really what else is there to do when its raining out????

Lucky for me, there were odd periods of "rain free time" during the day, so I made use of it to finish off a garden bed I'd started the day before.  Abbys' leg is healing nicely, no thanks to "that pig" which I will add is now residing in the freezer. So although we aren't riding the horses at present they have become valuable assets in the grand scheme of things, providing us with a regular supply of organic fertilizer for the garden as well as munching down or reducing the fuel load/grass in the paddock.

Ready to be spread out and dug in to enrich the soil.

I can say without guilt the day wasn't totally wasted.  Wonder what tomorrow will bring? 


Narelle said...

Wet weather is great for some sewing too :o)
Great fertilizer!

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Thanks for your comment Narelle and you are right, but I think this would have bored DD.

Deb H. said...

I finished my potholders for the D2E swap on Saturday. Dried the washing in front of the fire, even though it wasn't very cold, a fire is very cheering.