Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Work in progress part 1

Making use of a glorous Sunday we tackled the task of re-claiming the herb garden.  It has been up to now, pretty much left to fend for itself.  The mint did exactly that, taking over the entire garden underneath the soil with its massive root system.  Knowing that this wasn't going to be a quick weekend project (bugger) we made a start.

The mint taking over the whole garden

It's going to be a big job

Digging out the plants we want to keep

While DD and DH kept weeding, I began the task of potting up the plants we are keeping to replant into the garden

We will need to dig over this garden bed again to make sure that we have got all the mint roots out and of course add some organic matter like, you guessed it! Horse poop. I will keep you posted on our progress.....

Just thought I'd share a picture of our expectant mother, "Miss Molly" she is due to calve in August and I have put in an order for a heifer!  DD has been getting her quiet and Miss Molly now waits at the gate each afternoon for something special. 

"Miss Molly" and DD, the animal whisperer.


Tracy said...

Miss Molly is lovely and I hope you get your heifer calf.
I'm glad Sunday was a nice day for gardening in your area,it has been icy here since last week. No gardening work done at all.

farmer_liz said...

wow that is an impressing herb garden, shame about the mint! I keep mine confined in pots, but it doesn't thrive as much as I would like, not quite enough to supply me with tea! I hope you get it all organised how you want it. I look forward to reading about your cow, ours is due in September, so I've been reading all cow calving posts I can find in preparation! I think I'm the nervous mother, I'm sure Bella is quite calm about it.