Thursday, January 5, 2012

Going West............

Happy 5th birthday DGS
DD reading away to her pet goat "Prince". (her captive audience)
On the 4th our DS fluttered his wings and travelling with his sister (Beccy) and family headed west. His eldest sister (Mel) has work lined up for him, so they set off and thankfully all arrived safetly if not a bit later than was planned. We did hold a "sending off party" for him and those present duly gave words of wisdom, advice and warnings during the speeches.
I'm trying not to dwell on the fact that my baby has left the nest and instead (in my mind) am thinking of this as a prolonged sleepover or visit, that way I don't seem to cry as much. As to our new year resolutions, well lets just say that without this help they have been scaled down some and his absence can be felt everywhere. Oh gosh here I go again, have you ever tried typing and crying at the same time ?, makes reading a bit hard. Ok I have to go and do something else, channel my attention elsewhere, it seems to be working thus far..................
Will post our goals for 2012 next time.


chook said...

always rember you have done a fine job with him Bec and he loves you he will always come home to see you .am busy working out a few projects for us for the one item a month will be intouch soon with some ideas
hugs Beth

Narelle said...

Prince appears to be enjoying it :)

I feel your sadness and have been down that road to the point of now being an's not much help but it does get easier over time.

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

One day at a time Narelle, as for heading towards an emptynester....perhaps thats why there is 7years between children ???

Beth, in my heart I know he will return, he just spent a heap of money pushing in a house pad on the other block. Just have to get through until then boohooo......

PS best hurry up with our projects its the 6th already LOL

Kids and Canning Jars said...

My oldest is doing distance ed also. He loves it and feels he is getting a superior education. English, History, Science. 10 English, World Civilation for history and Chemistry for Science. Then he does Saxon Math for Geometry. We do Homeschool PE at our YMCA and an early morning Seminary class at our church 5 days a week. He sits in for our family lessons on art, music and life skills. I feel he is doing a great job at being homeschooled.
As for as the gutter garden goes. It is doing us justace right now producing lettuce, spinach, strawberries and swiss chard. It is a super fun experiment turned a loving garden. I will try to do a post about it this week. What distance ed program are ya'll doing? Have a wonderful day! The westward bound one will be fine.
So, will the mamma.....Melissa

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Thanks for your encouragement Melissa.

DD will be doing distance education with Riverside Christian College as did DS.

Due to our isolation travelling on a regular basis to town is out of the question but I can see how this would round out their education.

We will keep up with Girl Guides as DD loves this and I plan for her to take private swimming lessons when we go into town for shopping, call it Physical Education :)

Yes, please do a posting on our gutter garden, it sounds great and would be good for people with small areas, I look forward to reading about it.

Also I'm not sure how the whole blogging and returning comments thing works but I do hope that you are able to read my reply.