Monday, January 9, 2012

Making time for family...........

I have one sibling, (a brother 3yrs younger than I) and come from a rural farming background, which included helping mum milk the cow and chopping wood for the fire which kept the house warm during the freezing winters. When we were old enough and it was time to spread our own wings, I embarked on travelling North with our then two horses and now husband. My brother headed for the bright lights and the city............. and that was that.

Until two days ago when he rang to say that he and his family were holidaying in the area and did I want to catch up? So today we bundled into the car and headed to Gin Gin to met my brother, his family and for our DD to meet her Uncle for the first time "ever". It has been 22 years since the last time I saw him and the most remarkable thing for me was how similar we do things. Like taking crazy photos after getting the good ones over with, jinx. The day was full of great memories and for us getting to know his two beautiful young daughters and partner.

We agreed to try and meet up again in about six months time and on the drive home my husband and I both agreed that we needed to make more time for family, and it was great to see him and his timing was lets say "uncanny" and dare I say it needed as we are both still coming to turns with our DS flying the coop.

Goals for 2012
Complete the garlic shed - still a bit to do on this
Build an implement shed - to house farm machinery like the plough
Vegetable Garden - make more productive - lifeline to the kitchen
1 xmas item a month - aim to complete 12 projects


chook said...

oh my dear friend so glad you have met up againwith your brother
Family is so important as are good friends and you are one of the best hugs Beth

Tracy said...

That is a gorgeous picture. You are right about it being important to make time for our family.