Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year......

Yesterday I was thinking back to what New Years Resolutions we had set for 2011 and ended up
re-reading my postings for January. Oh boy, I remember it was wet, the garden did resemble a jungle (I can't believe I actually posted those photos!) and when compiling a "to do list", I actually stressed my DH out trying to cram in 4-5 years work into one causing a few heated discussions.
We did reach middle ground and decided on one major project, the garlic shed, and acouple of smaller ones (to keep me happy). Although the garlic shed is not quite finished, (need to add the windows and a roller door), it is up and at present houses aprox two tonne of garlic, so I'll say that we did in fact acheive our goal for 2011. Yippee !!!!!!!
Although the garden doesn't resemble a jungle as it did this time last year, it isn't as productive as it should or could be and most certainly could do with a good weeding. So while I await my "seedy" headed boys to come round (yeah they did see the New Year in) I'll ponder on New Years Resolutions for 2012, how about you?


The Humming Cat said...

2 tonne of garlic?? Thats alot of garlic!!

Deb H. said...

Have yet to grow garlic successfully. And yes last Jan was a bit of a disaster for Queensland.