Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Times a ticking away .......

Over the weekend grandson Kayne and I spent time harvesting and building up our vegetable seed bank, well that's my view of things, if you asked Kayne he was collecting seeds to take back home for dad's garden. His nimble fingers found the task of splitting open the seed pods a wee bit easier than grandma.

The boys have been spending nearly every daylight hour working on or should I say building the garlic drying shed. Here you can see that the frame for the main shed is up, yeah!
Now it is a matter of levelling out the ground either side of the main frame as we are going to add an awning. Some of this task was done using the tractor and some of it was done using a maddock and elbow grease. All the time being mindful not to hit the water pipe.
A good day spend in the shed weilding brackets on the posts while the cement footings for the awning dry was tedious but the end result was well worth it. Pictured here the awning, the one for the other side will have to wait, the clocks ticking away and the list of jobs to be done is still huge.
lTuesday saw the boys and a neighbour put all the roofing on. Wow what a difference its looking like a shed now. Today they are starting on the ceiling, yep it has to be lined to stop the condensation and alas water dripping on our dry garlic, plus it will have the added benefit of cooling the shed down.
So thats where we're at. DH has been doing a daily early morning check on the garlic plants and feels that we maybe able to postpone the harvest for a day or two. Good thing too because there's still a lot to do..............tick........tock......

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