Friday, November 11, 2011

Life in a pressure cooker ..........

November is without a doubt our busiest month of the year along with the annual garlic harvest, which we have managed to put back another day or two, this year is shaping up to be the most frantic one yet! This is a brief overview of our week.......
Monday - Girl guides meeting night. Busy programming as will not be able to make it during the harvest and need to ensure all is well. Boys work on shed.
Tuesday - School tuckshop. An all day affair travelling to and from the school on the bus.
Wednesday - Tidy up around the shed building site and in general and take to the rubbish tip. On the way back boys collect a ute load of pony poo. (why, you'll see soon enough) I spent the afternoon in the garden and after mowing planted out potatoes amongst the pumpkin vine.
Thursday - Brigade was lucky enough to receive sponsorship to purchase 4 new drip torches. This involved an evening out to attend the handover meeting. Pictured DH with the great group from our local Bendigo branch.
Our heifer "Molly" also came in season on Thursday so after a few calls, arrangements were made and that afternoon she was artifically inseminated. So all going well come the 1st of August next year she will have a lovely Jersey heifer......... well thats what we are hoping for.....time will tell.
Friday - Boys take a hurried trip to town between bus runs to pick up the materials needed to make more drying racks for the garlic and sheeting to finish the shed. Whilst they were gone I had an appointment with the brush cutter and the fence lines.
So now - Friday afternoon the boys are entertaining a guest under the shade of a tree in the backyard with a coldie and whilst I type this the apple pie I plan to bless my family with is cooking nicely in the oven.


Scottish Nanna said...

Hi Beck you never seem to stop it's A wonder you get time to sleep I suppose no crafting for you at the moment hope you and family are all well.
Hugs all round Mary. xx

Lisa said...

Wow, what a busy week. Seems we left just before you got real busy. Shed looks great, hopefully we can come back down next month and see it finished! xx

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Yep, no time for crafting Mary but I have, astonishingly managed to re-cover my lounge. A first for me.

Shed should be full of garlic next time you visit Lisa, looking forward too it!!!!