Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shearing time .........

Saturday's schedule was a busy one and everyone was up early. On the boys list of "to do" was setting up the form work and pouring the footings for the new garlic shed. This involved gathering all the sand for cementing. No problem but, we need to access the sheep paddock, ok its time to treat them for internal and external parasites anyway so in the yard they go. But alas they really need shearing as you can see. No worries ring a neighbour who has a pair of electric shears and ask to borrow them. (Should mention here that last year we did it with hand shears, not going down that path this time). Neighbour replies "no worries of course you can borrow them, but the shearer is coming tomorrow to do ours @ $10 a head". (send silent pray to heaven, this is definately our lucky day, I mean what are the odds?) Sheep are kept in the yards overnight and the crate is loaded onto the ute in preparation for Sundays shearing.
Sunday lunch the sheep are once again back home, somewhat lighter, in their new paddock.
With that chore out of the way it was time to mix cement and pour the footings. DH, ensuring everything lines up just so before the first pour.


Narelle said...

I bet they feel so much lighter and cooler.
Do you spin the wool?

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Hi Narelle

No I don't but my mother does. However, Ba Ba Black Sheep is the only one suitable for this. The other sheep are Damara's and are supposedly shelf sheading.

Lisa said...

Just caught up on all your happenings, have not logged on for a while. Cant wait to visit tomorrow and check out what you have done. Am looking forward to catching up. Lisa