Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Organic Garlic

During the past couple of weeks we have been very busy grading our garlic in preparedness for sale. It has been a very large job hindered by our hot and humid weather. I have been given the task making posters to attached to the display boxes. Pictured below is what I have come up with minus the wording.

It was a bit difficult to try and fit a whole year of photos showing the different stages of the garlic cycle onto one page but hopefully you (and potentially our customers) will be able to make sense of it.

With planting for this years crop only a month away the boys are spending more time than ever down the paddock making sure the plot will be ready in time. They turned the compost for the last time on the weekend, we now have 8 tonnes of quality compost that needs adding to the plot and then turning in.

Of course like anything, just when your needed to lend a hand at home you find yourself tied up with volunteer committments. Last weekend saw us girls attend church for "Thinking Day" and this Sunday we will be doing our bit for "Clean Up Australia Day".

I am hoping that somewhere in all our plans we can fit in tree planting. We purchased two different varities of advocado tree as our original one died this summer because of all the rain. Our tree came about because DH ate an advocado and like anything else the food scrapes went to the chooks, suprisingly this seed started to go so DS potted it up and when it got large enough planted it out. Five years later they started munching on home grown advocadoes. So here is hoping that these trees are as fruitful, that is if we ever get them in the ground!

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