Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Un-welcome guest

After another busy day the boys were relaxing and watching the NRL game of footy on tv, we girls sort the comfort of our beds and were just reaching the sound sleep range when we were startled awake by the very vicious growl of our dog.

This isn't normal behaviour from our placid pet, but he continuted on sounding very mean and agressive. The boys raced out to investigate and discovered just below our back steps, a very large black snake. A bit too close to home for my liking and the dogs it would seem. It was quickly short shifted. (Mental note to self: always turn the outside light on before desending the stairs during the night)

With the commencement of school so do the other organizations that we are involved with. As I mentioned before I am the secretary of our local rural fire brigade and pictured here are a few of us testing out the new knapsacks during our regular training day at our local park. As this is a family affair, DD also comes along and if you have a really good look you will be able to find her in this picture as well. We normally end the session with a sausage sizzle and it is great to just sit and relax and talk with the neighbours, particulary so after our enforced isolation due to the flooding. At times we couldn't get past our cattle yards little lone down the road.

Girl Guides has also commenced much to the enjoyment of DD. Unfortuneately our regular leader is too busy to continue and so this has brought about a few changes. One major one being that I am no longer a parent helper but now an actual leader (geez what have I done!) So we have been busy organizing programmes for the nights we meet. The girls themselves are also very enthusiastic and have been organizing their own "day out". It was great to see all of them have an imput into their forthcoming event.

Since my last posting and after much frustration we took our old computer in yet again to be fixed (upgrade some parts etc) only to be told it was too old and the parts we wanted were no longer available. So long story short, I left the shop with a new computer and a much lighter wallet. We are still getting used to the new programme (windows 7) and because we've been busy on the farm haven't had the time to finish setting things up but alas at least it works when you turn it on!! LOL

Collecting mulch has been our main focus and I'm happy to say all the trees in the backyard and the garden have now been mulched. The seeds that I planted a little while ago have now been planted out into the garden. Hopefully we will soon have zucchini and cucumber to add to the menu. All going well............

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