Sunday, February 6, 2011

A hot one......

Since my last post we haven't had that much rain, a few showers here and there and fortuneatly cyclone "Yasi" missed us but we've been enduring a heatwave, the humidy has been unbelieveably high. Just to sit still in the cool of the house has one dripping in sweat.

But alas planting time waits for no one, and Saturday saw us planting potatoes. Only one row this time. I've enough pototaes stored away to last us until this crop is ready to harvest, well at least I think I do!

We spent sometime sorting through potatoes from the last harvested and selected enough good seed pototaes for planting out.

The boys went through and using their "improved" chipping hoes, made a furrow for the pototoes which I placed and spaced behind them.

Once this was done, DS went ahead and put a bag of organic poultry pellets in the furrow thus placing the fertilizer in the root zone.

Then it was just a matter of covering the pototoes over again. Sounds simple enough, however during the day it was either outrageously humid or showering which cooled it down for a little while until the sun broke through again. In fact it was so hot that after showering the sun would come out an actually steam the rain that had just fallen. The paddock was actually steaming!

The evening brought with it a full on thunderstorm, (something had to give) lightening, thunder, good soaking rain and with it a repreive from the heat. Thank God.

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Scottish Nanna said...

You are doing well Bec I dont like thunder storms you can keep them up there lol.
Hugs Mary.