Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Resolutions....

After much discussion and goal setting our main aim for the farm this year is to ........ wait for it..... drum roll ....... build a drying shed for the Garlic!!!!! This is will be a major project for us with the deadline being Nov/Dec, in time for the 2011 harvest.

Along the way we have also added a few "not-so-major" goals, one being to reclaim the garden. With all the rain the weeds and grass have really got a go on with any remaining vegies being waterlogged, as you can see from my embarassing before photos. Another sign its time to "get your butt into gear" is all the talk about big price hikes in produce due to such large losses from the flood. So here goes...........

Jungle or Garden?.....hummm (The before Photos)

My DH got a few really good books for me about preserving and storing in a root cellar, so I have been scanning through these pages when retreating from the rain. We also have ideas (gosh never thought I'd say this after 7 years dairy farming....!!!) of getting a house cow so that we can make cheese, another step along the road to self reliance but at this stage we are still in the planning stage as we'll need to build a shelter and milking bales within close proximity to the garden so that any manure can be used in the worm farm. Next door to the goat barn, yet another project we plan on embarking on this year!!!!

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Narelle said...

There's a jungle around here too!
Love the idea of home made cheese ... I can remember my grandmother separating the milk to make butter.