Monday, January 10, 2011

Rain or Shine.............

The weather pattern seems to be a few patches of sunshine then showers which alternate throughout the day. With so many jobs needing attention we have come up with this system. 1st of all forget about actually finishing a job in one go, just doesn't happen. So when the sun is out the boys turn the compost, as you can see from the top photo. The crop to the right is DS Rosella crop and on the left the green manure crop of cow pea which will be turned in before planting next seasons garlic.

When its raining, we all make a bee line to the shed and husk the garlic, getting it ready for sale or break up the bulbs ready for planting. With all the moisture around it has taken a lot longer to dry the garlic. When not doing this we are tackling the frustrating task of sorting out our computer problems with the help of our computer guru via the phone.

With these jobs out of the way DS has gone to visit his brother for a well earned holiday, however getting him out of the valley wasn't quite so easy. The creeks are well and truly flowing and if you thought that to be the only obsticale, then how about this for a road block!

The Northern way out was definately a "no go" but he was able to get out the Southern way as it would seem that they haven't had as much rain. Either way its the first time we have been able to get out for a while and he will get a good receiption because he has all the Christmas presents with him!


Narelle said...

Sounds very familiar!
I still have xmas gifts waiting delivery.
Stay safe and dry.

chook said...

oh Bec it is just soooo wet
bring on winter it should be dry I hope