Thursday, January 27, 2011

Collect mulch while the sun shines.....

Look what was waiting for us in the mail the other day when we ventured into town! I have been stealing glances, but with the good weather and a mountain of work to be done outside it will be night time reading for me LOL

"Make hay while the sun shines" well in this case "collect mulch while the sun shines" and thats exactly what we've been doing. Such a valuable resource and even better for us with all the rain that we are able to collect it on farm. Everything is growing like mad, DH had to slash a track just so we could see to where we were going.

So DS and I started pitch forking all the mulch onto the "old girl" (the pattern for the next few weeks) This mulch is ear marked for the path ways of DS Rosella crop to supress the weeds.

He recycled the mulch from the garlic crop to use on top of the actual beds but once the pathways are done these also will need to be done again before the plants become too big.

Council have been busy working on our road making it passable not only for 4wd's but the school bus. One section of the road is still closed but they are working on it as I type this. Today we picked up the bus in readiness for school tomorrow. I know there will be a few happy parents who now will not need to make the trip to school twice a day.

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