Monday, January 31, 2011

New Arrivals......

It's been a time for "arrivals" on the farm. Firstly let me introduce you to this little darling. Her name is "Honey" (the one on the left that is!) It wasn't in our plans to keep this little doe but she is so loveable and of course goat girl has already started training her, what can I say, our hands are now tied.

On Sunday the boys went and picked up our new damara ram "Finnic", this is his registered name but I reckon we'll end up calling him "Baa-ram-u". He is 4 months old but should be ready to work come breeding season. After being wormed out and kept in solitary over night he is now getting acquianted with the "girls". We are aiming to build the flock up to 12 ewes, this being a longer term goal.

Another arrival, not of the flesh and blood type though, was the new steel for the garlic shed. Woohoo! I reckon the driver of the truck got as big a welcome as Santa Clause LOL

Overseasing the unloading are DH and DS looking on like proud parents.

Here is a before picture of the actual shed site. Yeah, there's plenty of work ahead!

These are some of our "New Years Resolutions" or goals and its happy I am that we are working towards them in and amongst the normal day-to-day and season-to-season things that need doing on the farm, works in progress you might say LOL

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Scottish Nanna said...

lots of work for you all to do I like the little goat very cute And your little girl is all grown up She is very pretty .
Hugs Mary.