Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fessing up......

I have spent too many hours researching my latest fad "planting by the moon" since my last posting. Finally got my head around the wanning and waxing and what to plant only to discover that the constallations also play a major role, lining up the moon and stars at this point in time is a far beyond me. Now I have to confess that when I mentioned what I was embarking on to my DH he said that all I needed was here, written in the latest Biodynamic Farming magazine. I look a glance and promptly told him no thats not it, what I'm looking for is when the best time to plant, leafty crops, root crops and weed etc. Well I have now come full circle and would you believe the article that he draw to my attention was in fact exactly what I was wanting, I now know this after all the research I've done in the meantime...... geez..... So I have duly planted my first lot of seeds and will in future use the guide provided in the magazine.

All the energy I have spent in the garden has not gone unnoticed and to my surprise DH and DS without any prompting (translated...."nagging") from me were busy Saturday morning in the garden laying pavers that they'd made. DH feels that we need a nice area to sit, have a cuppa and appreciate what we have and have done. Just sit back and relax, well I'm all for it!

With school starting on Monday and thanks to our DS for lending us his ute (our van wouldn't get far on our boggy and washed out roads at the moment) we made a mad dash for Bundy to get school stuff, new shoes and the like. I had hoped to pick up some seedlings to kick start the garden but alas there weren't any, so I'll take it as a sign to be patient. DH, however ordered all the steel for our new garlic shed, yay!!!

It was all good until the storm clouds gathered not long after we'd finished lunch. It was then a race to see if we would make it home before the creeks swelled and we'd be cut off. We were hurriedly fuelling up when a strange noise came from the inside of the ute, once, twice, three times. We had no clue what it was and began searching frantically to find the source of the noise much to the amusement of the people in the vehicle opposite us. Red faced, we located the offending device, DS's mobil phone!!! He was double checking to see which way we were coming home because he had already measured an inch of rain in the past half hour. I can tell you it was a pretty silent trip home, the absence of traffic was deafening and as we reached each creek crossing everyone was holding their breath. It wasn't until we turned into our drive that we gave a collective sigh of relief, we made it!


Narelle said...

Glad to hear you made it home. It's can be scary worrying about 'the next crossing round the corner' all the time.

Enjoy you cuppa on the seat.

chook said...

oh my friend I cant wait to come sit on your new bench and have a cuppa with you one day

Tracy said...

What a lovely spot to sit and relax after your hard work. I've had a lovely time looking around your blog. Thanks for visiting mine and leaving some comments.