Thursday, September 30, 2010

In the garden....

Even though the recent showers have made it difficult to get the washing dry, the garden has been loving it. Everything is growing even the lawn. Spent the day in the greenhouse potting up seedlings which will be planted out once they are big enough.

Been stocking the freezer with cauliflower also, this year we seem to have a bumper crop. DH picked a cauliflower that was huge and after being put on the scales weighed in at 2.4kg.

DH is on the mend and feeling quite useless at the moment, however he did manage to keep a close eye on the work carried out in the paddock. Our neighbour brought his excavator over and dug out the stumps that were left in the paddock. Boy sure made short work of it, less than an hour and it was all over red rover. I remember last year the 3 of us spending a day just getting one stump out!

Hard to believe that they got all these out of that one paddock. Now that its free of potentially implement damaging stumps it will be worked up and planted with a mixture herbs and grasses for the goats to graze on and then be ploughed in as a green manure crop to enrich the soil.

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