Monday, October 4, 2010

New babies.......

Over the course of September we have had the pleasure of watching our resident willy wag tails nest on the internet dish which is located on the roof and in clear view of the backdoor. The two babies have just left the nest and spend most of their time in the backyard. This little one seems to like DD's garden. There seems to be an influx of bird life around our parts due to the great season we've been experiencing.

DH is back to his normal self after the operation. The only problem now is that he doesn't over do things. With the help of the kids and our wwoofer (willing workers on organic farms) Chris we have been able to acheive quite alot during the holidays with work beginning in earnest for the forth coming garlic harvest.

Whilst the boys were away purchasing timber to make the slated floors for our new goat shed, DD thought she would make afternoon tea, chocolate patty cakes, yummmy!

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Cheryll said...

Oh the cakes look delicious! Makes me want to go make a cup of coffee!