Sunday, September 26, 2010


I was gathering all the ingredients to make soap after dinner when DH slowly shuffled into the kitchen and after casting an eye over what was laid out said "Your going to make a natural soap, right?" well that just eliminated the pink colourant and the rose fragrance oil. This one is made from macadamia oil which gives it the colour and is topped with oatmeal. So its off to the meat safe to dry for the next 6 weeks.

Enlisting the help of DD we tackled the task of painting the laundry. Her reply to what she thinks of my colour choice is written on the wall, cheeky bugger. I am happy to say that after spending many months multicoloured it is now finished and even DH likes the end result. Think I'll have to make a washing machine cover for my new machine to finish the project off.

Just before DH went into hospital we began tidying up in preparation for the fire and cyclone season. You could say we have been spring cleaning, you know the stuff that seems to pile up for one reason or another. Theres still a ways to go but hey it didn't just get there over night. (I'll just keep telling myself this) Thanks to the help of the kids the banana area is looking a whole lot better and all the dead dry leaves (a potential fire hazard) have now been composted and the plants themselves desuckered. Its feast or famine with these but right now its FEAST!

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