Thursday, September 23, 2010

Whirl wind.....

Since my last posting I have spent more time in the car travelling back and forth then I have in a whole year! When I am home its either drizzling or dark. I haven't been in the garden for acouple of days and the sure signs of withdrawals are starting to show.

On our anniversary my DH brought me a washing machine, now you may think this an odd present but its been a few weeks since my old machine died and I have been washing in the bath tub after the evening showers, my bit for water conservation. So I can honestly say that I REALLY appreciate my new machine!

DD was part of the school team for the local truck pull which took place on the 11th. They really gave it their all and I was informed that they practised with the truck full of water and the tyres half flat. Turns out that it paid off, they won 1st place in the primary school section.


DD in light coloured shirt - Giving it their all at the truck pull.

Today whilst I was in town yet again, I called into the paint shop for a friend and while there I brought a tin of paint to finish my laundry. I started this sometime ago (not quite a year, I think?) and was using the paint I had on hand. I've actually painted 3/4 of it three times with different shades but end result I was't happy with it and prompty moved onto something else. So its my aim to have it finished by the end of the school holidays. This will work out just fine as I need to be in hearing distance as DH has just returned from hospital after having an operation and has been sentenced to bed for a few days.

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chook said...

hope your old man gets better soon cant wait on him to much LOL
congrats to Cara on the win
hugs Beth