Thursday, August 12, 2010

The super hoe!

Just had to add this pic of DH's super improved chipping hoe. This was one of his gems that he got at Rocky swap the other weekend. I'll post the others when he has finished with them.

It was a bit chilly this morning, the wind seems to be coming straight off the snow, even the does were shivering when they were being milked. Poor girls! In fact whilst I was waiting for the bank to open I happen to mention this to the elderly lady waiting beside me and she said that her father had a dairy farm and before school each morning she would have to milk the cows (by hand). I'm thinking that she probably had to walk to school too. How so much has changed in just one generation!

In preparation of our new "potato patch" we went to town today and picked up some poultry manure pellets (chook poo) and after nearly two hours, the van smelt like the inside of a chook house and I'm off for a shower too!


chook said...

its a good thing you know someone with a nice smelling pland to fix the chook poo smell LOL
Love hearing about what is going on at your house hugs Beth

Narelle said...

Just leave the windows open... this wind will blow anything away.

C J Good, Author said...

I love your profile about the little things you enjoy and how to live simply. thanks so much for posting, it really resonated with me.
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