Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hi Ho it's potato planting we go ........

A frosty Saturday morning

Well I thought I would be off to guide camp this weekend, but nope DD had a cough so that ended that. So Friday night the boys did over a sheep and the meat was set beautifully after a frosty night, so spent the morning butchering and our freezer is now stocked up.

After that I spent a few hours preparing the potatoes and DH starting spreading our newly acquired chook manure over the paddock in readiness for planting.

Sealing the cut potatoes in ash before planting

DD helping with the planting

A birdseye view of things. This kookaburra is not a pet!
Well Sunday all hands were on deck and we got the potatoes planted. Purchased a 40kg bag of sebago seed potatoes for $37.50. With the aim of producing enough organic potatoes to supply us for a year. Turned out we ended up with two more rows. So in total we planted 4 rows with 300 potatoes per row.
So yeah us! Another step on the road to self reliance. I'll keep you posted on their progress, but for now I'm heading for a hot bath to ease my sore muscles............... the ones I didn't know I even had!


chook said...

love it Bec
The wildlife know where it is safe
to land hehehe

Bec said...

How inspiring is this potato patch!