Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Garlic is growing..........

The planted garlic

Seeding beds with worm eggs and covering with mulch

Breaking up the bulbs

Farming really is away of life for us and the whole family is involved. This years garlic crop is in the ground and growing well and ground ear marked for next years crop is already being prepared, organically of course!
Our focus this year has turned more to the path of self reliance and this has bought about a few new ventures for us.
1. We have purchased 3 Damara lambs named Amber, April and Apricot these girls will be our foundation stock.
2. Growing a years supply of potatoes. Yep now that we have found an organic spray to stop the look-alike lady bugs from chomping their way through our potato leaves in the garden. Can now grow these on a larger scale with the seed potatoes already purchased and sorted without the crop being wiped out.
I'll keep you posted on the will be interesting...........
On Monday we decided that we would shear our 2 black sheep. Ok so we have a basic knowledge of this as DH has worked on sheep farms before but it is the first time that he has done this with hand shears.
Do you ever have one of those moments when you start something and then think oh gosh....... now I have to finish it.......? These thoughts scrambled through my head when the realization of shearing sunk in. Lucky for us Ba Ba Black sheep is very quite, we laid her down, not the traditional method but hey we were going to be here for a while and wanted her to be comfortable. I was holding her front legs, DD was holding her back leg and DH was on his knees shearing, click, click, go the shears.
Long story short, it took longer than we thought and she wouldn't win a beauty competition. They reckon there is only a few weeks between a bad haircut and a good one! But the feeling of acheivement when it was finished is something else. For the record, our new sheep do not require shearing.......

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now I know why it is raining
LOL so glad you have come back to the blogging world have missed your posts hugs Beth