Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh so quiet....

Aha, today I've had an uninterrupted, peaceful hour or so hopping from one blog to another. Yep Cara is out for the count as well as her beloved dog and the boys are participating in a fire fighter course at Wallaville and oh its sooooo peaceful at the moment......

This week it is my aim to master skype, at the moment its still beyond me but, I have managed to set up an account and my daughter in law sent me the phone just haven't worked out "how to" actually use it. I'll keep you updated on this one.

The compost is done and DH did a PH test and its just right, yeah. We had the soil tested and asked for recommendations for growing organically. DH practically did a course working out what mineral does what and a good thing he did because when we went to purchase what was recommended none of it was organic. Anyway the next couple of weeks for us will be busy, busy, busy as we begin planting garlic.

Unfortuneatly the sorghum we planted for the purpose of becoming mulch grow very well, however because everything is soooo wet we can not get on the paddock to cut it. DH attempted slashing it and made a hasty exit from the paddock minus the slasher otherwise both would still be in the paddock (bogged). Now of course the sorghum is going to seed, bugger. So will have to come up with plan B.

Well Cara's pumpkin didn't win the pumpkin competition but was only 8kg away from the winning one. Boy is she keen for next year, so close. Now with the show looming she is busy clicking away photos. Here is one she took of her goat which she named, "Ruby Jane Crystal Clear" standing on top of the goat shed.

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chook said...

glad you had some quiet time
my friend
wow I love the pic Cara took very cute
hugs Beth