Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sneak Peek

In keeping with the trend that I have noticed whilst jumping from blog to blog, here is a sneak peek, I am hoping to have it finished for Easter. Well actually it was going to be finished for Christmas, but hey that already came and went so hence my new finish date.

Yesterday we had a very pleasant and rain free BBQ lunch to celebrate my son's 18th birthday (his birthday is really next week) it was good to catch up with family and friends and it ended up rolling into a BBQ dinner. His older siblings pitched in and brought him a surround sound system in which we added a tv. He really had no idea at all! Surpise!

It has been very humid today, great for drying the clothes but the clouds are starting to roll in. All in all it has been a very good weekend catching up with kids and grandkids and I even managed to get a few stitches done!

1 comment:

chook said...

yay love the look you have given
and wow 18 Happy birthday for next week curran. So I guess that is how long you have been my besty so glad we had mad crazy cb radio boys
love you my friend hugs Beth