Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pleasant Valley Sunday

I awoke to another overcast day, geez I'm over the rain. So after hanging the washing out we set about to get as much done on the farm as possible before lunch. For the past weeks its been the norm to be overcast in the morning and showers to rain after lunch with the odd thunderstorm thrown in for good measure.

Along with the normal farm chores we also managed to turn the compost pile before lunch. I'm happy to say that it is coming along nicely. Curran got on the net and finished some school work that he'd put off and wouldn't you know it, still no rain. Yippee! The washing actually dried on the line so I was able to bring in 4 days worth.

And still no rain! So we grabbed the opportunity to crank up the mowers and went for it. Who would have thought we'd be so happy to be mowing??? Ours weren't the only mowers going either you could hear the echoes coming from the surrounding properties.

Yay! an actual rain free day since I don't know how long. Today really was a very pleasant valley Sunday :)

1 comment:

chook said...

I am glad you got your washing done and still no rain
hope you get a few dry days before it comes in again
hugs Beth