Monday, February 15, 2010

Just another day in the office!

If asked "What did you do today?", I would reply "We Made Compost" hmmm doesn't sound like much does it?

Over the last couple of days DH has been busy slashing the grass between our fence line and the road and all morning we have been busy raking it into piles, loading it into the trailer and then unloading it with pitch forks. This might not seem like hard work but with the high humidity from the impending thunderstorms and the recent rain we were most of the time ankle deep in water and rained on periodically.

About lunchtime my mind was coming up with plans of how to put it off until tomorrow and my aching muscles were turning traitorous too. With the weather forecasts being for more rain it was vital that we get all the grass picked up. So after lunch with all the materials gathered we began the process of making the compost and just to keep us on our toes and not slacken off we had a thunderstorm to the right grumbling away and one to the left side of the mountains which was much more intimidating. Managed to get it done but only just before the rain began!

Now with all the rain we will miss yet another guide night and I know that I will have to come up with something really special for smoko this afternoon because DD will not be happy!

She has entered in the Junior Landcare Pumpkin Challenge and here is a recent picture of her pumpkin named "Jazz" The kids register and when the challenge begins everyone receives a packet of seeds (about 5 I think) and then each month they log on and record the pumpkins' details and upload a photo. Check out all the great pumpkins so far by typing in Junior landcare pumpkin challenge in google.

Recently my BB sent one of our culinary lavender recipe cards to Peg Coen at Happy In Quilting. You just have to see her blog entry, its just great! Thanks Peg.


chook said...

Hi my friend
did you get much rain from the storm ???
wow Cara your pumpkin is huuuge
hugs Beth

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Now that is one big pumpkin....I enjoyed the lavender biscuits and so did all my friends...thanks again for the sample...