Monday, February 8, 2010

Even the ducks are heading for higher ground!!!

OK well the bread turned out just lovely but Saturday turned out to be a fine, sunny and humid day so I talked DH into going to town to do shopping. In hindsight it was a smart move. You see it has been raining on and off for about a week now with the road being unpredicable due to flooding creeks and washouts. We grabed the opportunity with both hands.

Today about lunchtime we received 50mls in about 15 minutes and it was all running off the already sodden ground. As we watched the drenching from the windows our main focus turned to the already bulging dams. The top dam was flowing through the overflow at maximum capacity then add to that the runoff from the mountain and it became touch and go as the water started pouring over the top of the dam bank wall. At this stage all fingers and toes were crossed in the hope that the wall doesn't tear out which would spell the end of the dam. The upside to all the wet weather is that we hadn't been able to mow it so all the grass held it together.
Thank God!

Ya really think the mail will get through today?

Over the road it goes

The dam wall

Not game to let the ducks out just in case they get bogged :)


Scottish Nanna said...

Hi Beck I hope the rain stops looks like A big swimming pool up there.It's A long time since I saw you havent changed much saw your photo on your blog.Hope you do well with your lavender.I will pop ln more often and say Hi.
Hugs Mary.

chook said...

Hi my friend well it looks very wet up your way
hope you get some sun tomorrow
hugs Beth