Friday, April 17, 2009

Pumpkin scones anyone?

With a vegetable garden full of organic butternut pumpkins Cara and I thought we'd make some pumpkin scones (a change from lavender scones) so we spent some qualitity time in the kitchen and yes they did taste great!

Now the school holidays are a test of patience for some, I mean just visit the shopping centres and watch the frazzled mums as they try and keep little hands from the lollies just in front of the checkouts. I like the holidays because its a time generally that everyone is together.

We had a "big day out" which saw us gals seated infront of the big screen keeping a steady movement of the hand from the m&m pack to our mouths whilst our eyes remained glued to the movie screen. If there is anyone tossing up wether to go and see "Race To Witch Mountain" then do so, it was good and the special effects great!

The boys spent their time wandering, bug-eyed around BCF (I know this as I have seen it first hand). Our eldest son has just moved a block from the beach so of course Curran now needs to set up to catch flathead and brim so a new rod and tackle was the purpose of their visit uninterrupted by "can we go now?". (A situation that is reversed when browsing in spotlight.)

With a bit of forward planning we were able to indulge in a great day out without breaking the bank. We have begun planning already for next school holidays.

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