Sunday, April 19, 2009

Show time.....

Talk about spur of the moment! At 4.00pm the day before the show the children decided that they would pick some veggies to enter. Of course they wanted chokos which were growing on top of the greenhouse. With a battering of the eyelids and a bit of sweet talking from sweet daughter, dad took on the task of picking them.

Risking life and limb

Fortuneatly the kids did manage to get the veggies they wanted just before the storm which hit us about 7.00pm that evening.

The next morning Curran took on the task of entering the produce which was aided by the helpful staff running the show. When the pavillion was closed for judging we all took a collective breath and sent up a silent prayer. It seemed for us to take forever but I'm sure it wasn't that long at all.

The gates were opened and people filled in to see the results and displays. Curran was amongest the crowd and a while later came out with a happy grin which, although trying to supress couldn't quite pull it off.

No wonder he was happy turned out between them they had won 5 first places and 5 second places.

(Below) Giant Beans

The giant beans certainly got people talking with only 3 pods making up the weight to 500grams.

When we got back from the show and Cara was informed of how well they did, the planning of what they will be growing to enter next year has already begun. So my advise to anyone out there who wants to get their children to help out in the garden, let them enter something in your local show.


Narelle said...

Well done with the veges.
Did you have any scones in the show because they look like winners to me.

chook said...

I cant wait to see what you grow for next year hugs Beth

chook said...

well time for an update I think LOL
hope to here from you soon hugs Beth

Radka said...

Beautiful photos. Have a nice day Radka.