Monday, March 30, 2009

March, has marched on......

Centre peice for my washing machine cover when I finish it that is...

It's hard to believe the month is nearly over and oh I have neglected this blog, sorry. I do have a good excuse though. We have been flat out getting the farm ready for this season. Take a look at this will give you some idea how frantic things have been.
My laundry remains multicoloured - still haven't picked up the paint chart for it yet. But we are heading to town this week and I am hoping (time permitting) I will be able to take a peek in spotlight for some material to finish it.
The pumpkins have out done themselves this year and we will be able to stock up for winter. I am hoping to get one for this years local show. We've started planting brocolli and cauliflower. The tomatoes have a bumper crop that doesn't appear to be damaged by fruit fly (yay) We also have eaten our first dragon fruit (pitaya) this month, really nice, similar texture to a kiwi fruit.
The downside is the chooks have gone on strike. So, therefore my baking has also ceased (maybe this isn't such a bad thing for some of us who are watching our expanding girths). Anyway like alot of other families, we are also looking at ways we can save money. The simple savings website has a wealth of information. Check out the link on the right if your looking to save some money and time in and around the home.
Sticking to our new years resolution, we have been planting trees, so far in the last week we've planted close to 100 to attract birds and screening. By chance we discovered our local hardware store gets fruit and nut trees in periodically at the bargain price of $3 each. Instead of getting our routine cuppa on the way home we decided to invest in our orchard instead and got 16 trees. Victor has finished clearing the regrowth and we have been ripping, stick picking, ploughing, more stick picking and once the ground is levelled out we will be able to plant. But this will defineatly be a job for next month, just like painting the laundry and finishing the washing machine cover!!

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chook said...

I am glad to see a new post here
i just love your cover and cant wait to see a pic of the finished product

hugs My friend