Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fools rush in...

Life on the farm has moved into high gear with the cooling of the weather and the looming opening date (1st April). I have been doing so much probagating and potting up of new lavender plants that my buttom has taken on the shape of the seat in which I sit! (Well maybe not quite but it sure seems like it.)

The boys have been forming up the driveway and bus parking area (the gravel truck comes this week - weather permitting) as well as stoking up the piles of regrowth that have been pushed out by the dozer. Then its levelling the ground out again and more stick picking. This was hot and dusty work up until Monday.

We had a cool change not long back, just a reminder that Autumn is here. I absolutely love Autumn! You can work outside without frying or freezing and the nights are cool enough to snuggle under the blankets. Anyway with the drizzle from the cyclone and the cooler weather we'll now begin planting out the lavender.

In keeping with my fluttering around the house cleaning and decluttering I decided that I'd paint the laundry. I had two different shades of paint leftover from the kitchen so it was full steam ahead for me. This project was allocated 1hr a day until finished (I still had alot for stuff to do on the farm) Anyway first day I got 2 1/2 walls painted. However upon stepping back and admiring my work I soon discovered that although that shade looked great in the kitchen I didn't like it in the laundry. The next day I painted 3 walls with the other shade of paint I had. Unfortuneatly its the same story. I really liked the original colour. Painting has ceased, I have a multicoloured laundry at present and each time I get a minute whilst in town I grab a paint colour chart - still looking. My other genius idea was to make a new washing machine cover seeing how I'd already dusted it off. The center piece is finished and I'll finish it with blue and white gingham, that is when I finish planting lavender.......

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chook said...

Hi my friend I cnat wait to see pics of the machine cover when you get it done
and how about a pic of the farm I would love to see what it is looking like now
hugs Beth