Sunday, January 18, 2009

Brushing off the dust......

Well Christmas was wonderful and relaxing for us but New Years Eve was blisteringly hot, the mercury topped at 45 degrees here. (Is it getting hotter or because were older feeling the heat more???) The kids put their new water pistols to the test in an attempt to cool down while we sat in the shade soaking our feet in the wading pool sipping on cold lemonade. I mean what can you do when its THAT hot?

Family members also migrated home during the festive season and it was good to catch up, boy the grandkids sure do grow fast. It was because of their recent visit that I dusted off my sewing machine (It's a wonder it didn't blow a fuse!!). I made the boys swags for Christmas, one Buzz Lightyear and one Bob the Builder so now they'll be set for camping trips and friends sleepovers. These turned out to be quite inexpensive as I managed to pick up the material when it was in the clearance rack, bargain!

The grandson's swags - minus matress and sleeping bag

Before I needed glasses, I also made my kids Christmas stockings and did the fancy work myself. Here is Cara's Christmas stocking. Now with each new addition to the family I still make a Christmas stocking but use the fancy stitches available on the sewing machine instead of doing it by hand.

Cara's Christmas Stocking


Narelle said...

Lucky Grandsons and Cara.
Hope you keep that sewing machine dusted off now, I'd like to see more of your work.

chook said...

yay I just know the sewing machine was happy to be in use again
now how about that quilt
has it aged enough yet ????

I am so glad you have done another post
hugs Beth