Thursday, August 16, 2012

Miss Calculation?????

Been caught up in life lately, had a big/huge weekend volunteering with our local fire brigade, catering for the Jazz and Shiraz festival.  It was exhausting but well worth the effort as we raised much needed funds.

(Over 300 people attended - check out this tree, said to be over 100 yrs old)

So did we come home and put our feet up?  No siree.  Our eldest DS came home and helped us butcher the two pigs (don't know how we would have managed it without him) anyway yesterday saw us boneing out the meat and mincing it.  Sorry to our neighbours about the noise of the mincer grinding away at 8.30pm last night! But alas the job is done and the freezer full of mince destined for polish sausage.  Yeah!

By now your probably wondering about this post title.   Well when "Miss Molly" was AI'd, DH calculated her due date 1st August.  This came and went and when she still didn't look like she was ready to calve a week after, he said one morning whilst having breakfast " Can you get the cattle record book?" upon viewing this there were alot of "hmmm, arrrr, I see, well then" comments in which he then snapped the book shut and professed he had miscalculated and she is in fact due 20th August and with a smile (seeing my cranky look) sweetened the mistake with "You could get your heifer after all"

So folks fingers crossed!!!  and double bugger, I am now camera-less!!!

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Deb H. said...

You have been busy, our friends piglets have a bit more growing to do before it is butchering time. The lambs should be ready soon, I hope.