Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!!!

Yesterday "Miss Molly" had a beautiful (if not so little) heifer calf.  Of course we are over the moon and first time mother and daughter are doing well.  DD decided to call the new arrival "Hazel" this being the colour she was when we first laid eyes on her newly entered into the world.

Today was spent making a head bales and setting up a milking area within the cattle yards.  This will be a short term situation until DH can set up the yard closer to the house, its a bit of a trek hauling a bucket full of milk. 

But double bugger still no camera!!!! 


farmer_liz said...

oh wow, congrats, so happy to hear of a safe birth and you got your heifer calf! Will be interested to read how you manage your milking. We have about 3 weeks to go, looking forward to having milk and making cheese again, but not sure about the chilly early morning milking sessions! Now you must get that camera fixed!!! (do you have one on your mobile?)

Deb H. said...

Fix the camera, need a pic.