Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good things do happen .....

Sometimes good things happen when you least expect it.  Last weekend was a prime example, a good friend called in early Saturday morning bearing the gift of a vehicle part that we were unable to locate, not only did he get it but for less than $50.

Although now running a bit late for the next meeting, DH and DD hurried off to look at pure bred dorper ram lamb offered to us for a reasonable price.  It turned out the person selling the lamb had broken their arm and will be unable to AI some cattle, so a deal was struck, with DH agreeing to do the scheduled AI in exchange for the said lamb.  Imagine my surprise when they pulled up with the actual lamb.  (Thought you were just going to check it out?)  DD has named the said lamb, "Charlie" as in Charlie Brown and has dutifully taken on the task of raising him.

Our eldest DS and family squeezed in a visit to help out with the butchering of the pig, that is their pig, which has been here on a farm stay.  This took up the rest of the afternoon.  So whilst they were busy doing "the deed", Becky, Lisa and I had all three computers working around the table busy transferring tv series that our son had downloaded for us. (Yeah, no ads and can be viewed when it suits us, double yeah!)

Hope you all have a great weekend!




Joyfulhomemaker said...

love it when life runs like this

Leigh said...

What a great trade for the lamb. Good deal for the vehicle part too.