Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Sunday

This is what happens when the power goes out, the creeks are flooded and crews are having trouble locating the fault...... they send in the helicopter.
Today we thought we'd go for a walk (between showers) and see whats what.
Yesterday we had a conversation with a member of staff from the electoral office which went something like ..... err sorry we can't vote today as we are unable to travel in....... yeah the road has washed away.
This is what it looked like today. Generally this area of the road is not normally a problem and this is the worst we have ever seen it. Reports from others state that the known "trouble" areas are in a really bad mess. One local man today helped to pull out a vehicle from the media as it had come off a cement causeway, which is at present similar to a floating pontoon. Our local boy in blue was also there and no one was hurt. Needless to say no school bus on Monday.......
Flip, (our sheep dog/pup in training) we have discovered loves chasing and trying to catch water. This revelation has now made bath time a fun game. So with a natural waterfall within sight, he just had to have a go.......
After his refreshing dip in the creek we ventured back home and took the opportunity whilst it wasn't raining, to get in a bit of "Sheep dog/pup training".
He is getting the hang of it and of course the horses have to supervise the events unfolding in the adjoining paddock (gosh, if horses could speak LOL)
Each time we become isolated, mostly by flooding, we find that sometimes we run short of a item, you know, the world would stop revolving without it, type of thing !!!!! This time around its butter/margarine. So my "resourceful" DH and DD took matters in their own hands to rectify the situation. Grabbed what was left of the cream and turned it into butter.
There is always a motivating factor and this time it was that DD wanted to make biscuits and I'd say she has done a good job of it. As she is a very keen "My Kitchen Rules" fan we gave her a 9/10 for this. LOL. They tasted great too.......
We had to get in quick to take a picture, these were the last remaining ones left. I did say they tasted great!
Now we'll spend the rest of the afternoon in here as the weather is not so great at the moment, but alas look only a few racks of garlic left to do........


Narelle said...

Oh boy ... this weather!
Don't forget sewing is good too in wet weather :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're still flooded in. Although, it looks like time "well spent", pretty pics and good biscuits!


Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Narelle you are right, it is good weather for sewing.

Yes Sassy, sometimes you just gotta take time to smell the roses, so to speak.

Council have spent the last two days out here patching the road so the school bus should be able to get through.