Sunday, February 12, 2012

Class is in session.....

When pondering on our goals for this year it also included change. Without the help of DS we needed to really re-think what we could acheive and not. So we thought long and hard on wether we actually wanted to keep sheep. The negative being that they aren't quiet, and frankly I'm getting a bit long in the tooth to be running around them everytime we want to get them in the yard and in order to breed them we need to purchase a ram, more money and they don't come cheap. The positive being they don't crawl through fences, in fact we have never had any problem with them getting out and secondly we really do want to raise our own meat organically. Decisions, decisions so in the end we left it to the powers that be, the universe or God (depending on your veiw point).
The first sign - going through the local classifieds online DH noticed an advert "Give away 2 male border collies 6mths old" long story short he went out to veiw the parents and pups and decided on "Flip" this was just before we were flooded in so had to wait before we could pick him up. DH who used to breed kelpies for working on the farm and sheep dog trails was quite suprised that the owners were giving them away instead of selling them as they are well breed pups.
The second sign - during a Christmas break up party we got talking to another bus driver about dorper and damara sheep. Turns out he breeds them also and gave us plenty of information concerning the breed. At that time we mentioned that we were on the look out for a ram. A couple of months later, out of the blue, he rings up as asked if we would be interested in purchasing a cheap ram as he needed to change bloodlines for his flock. So we became the proud owners of a 3yr old meatmaster ram which was recently introduced to our 5 ewes and he is very happy with his new arrangement.
So for "Flip" school is in and he is learning to become a working dog. DD willingly lets "Prince" her goat participate in the lesson. The fact that he leads makes life for DH a bit easier too. LOL :)

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