Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

What's in the box? This is the first present to arrive in the mail for DD and this year Grandma was more than prepared, there's not one place on this parcel that DD can lift sticky tape and take a sneek peek.
My now traditional Christmas Pudding presents have all been lovingly made, wrapped and posted in readiness for tomorrow.
Our brigade has been very busy organizing a Christmas get together for our community for some time now. The last week has been particular busy as last minute details were sorted, purchases made and a working bee carried out at the local park, our venue for the evening. Yesterday the 23rd was the night our event took place. It rained, not drizzled, not a shower but steady soaking rain, 74 mls worth to be exact, the gazebos and marquees could only do some much and some of us got quite drenched. Pictured, cutting up the pig after cooking on the spit.
Happily the festive spirit remained with those who ventured out (over 50 people) and still a good time was had. Being able to adapt to the situation at hand made the childrens activities all the more fun especially with a captive audience and the most important guest of all (SANTA) was still able to find us.
Preparations have been made for SANTA to visit here tonight, the lights are now on and flickering so that he knows which window to come to........we don't have a chimney and all going well we will spend Christmas day with our DD and her family, that is if we don't get flooded in between now and then.
Merry Christmas ..........


chook said...

Merry Christmas to you my dear friend I hope you have a fab day hugs Beth

Deb H. said...

Glad everyting went well after the rain. Hope you spent a wonderful Christmas day away.

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Many thanks for your kind words and thoughts. May you also have a fantatic and safe Christmas.