Thursday, June 30, 2011

Winter - It has its purpose.......

Winter - Not my favourite time of year but it does have its purpose. Now don't get me wrong, I don't enjoy freezing on a cold and frosty morning but the frost is good for the citrus, it sweetens up the fruit which makes them more enjoyable to eat. It kills off the grubs that attack the cabbages, cauliflowers and the like. Lastly the garlic looooves it!!! It needs the cold to be able to set the bulbs.
Its been busy times on the volunteer front as we gear up for the school holidays. Pictured below the brigade had a training burn off here at our place. It was one of those days that if it rained we'd cancel but lets just see what the day brings, luckily only dark rain clouds and the rain did hold off until the evening. It was one of those days that just flowed and everyone got in and had a go as well as enjoying each others company.
We held a bike hike for girl guides break up and pictured on the left is Bibly (responsible one) and myself Dove (not responsible) getting into character prep as native Indians (Juniors), we embark on a journey across unknown lands whilst trying not to cross paths with the bushrangers (Seniors). As you maybe able to see, we have as much fun as the girls.
So now that it is the holidays, DD and myself have been busy homemaking. We've been pottering in the garden, cooking up some great recipes and yesterday I reached the point of no return and started dismantling my lounge with the intention of re-covering it. Now, I have to be honest, after finally finishing the first cushion, I was starting to wonder what I'd really taken on and thoughts of just ditching it and getting a secondhand one were floating into my mind. However after a productive day I spent sometime blog hopping and visiting those I follow and it dawned on me that what we are doing in and around the home is important and does make a difference. So thanks to everyone out there in blog land, your experiences and words of wisdom were just want I needed to hear (or should I say read?)

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chook said...

sounds like you are very busy at your house .Cant wait to see some pics of the lounge reno