Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Move ......

It has been mostly fine and cold in our neck of the woods. Although on Saturday it did rain, all day and it was just freezing. Some one must have mentioned to some one above that the brigade had a sheduled training burn off for Saturday, geez what luck!
June must be the month for "family" first it was our eldest DS and his family for the weekend and last weekend my DH's brother and friend called in and stayed on their way back to the Atherton Tablelands. They certainly made the most of the visit too, I think from memory its been about 6 years since the last time they had seen each other.
This is a good thing because not only did we get to see them but prior to their visits we had a "companys coming" clean up and I'd have to admit that the place is looking better for it.
The goats are now ready to move to a new area and its the first time that we'll be moving the portable goat house. First things first though, we cleaned out the trailer and collected all the poop which is now waiting to be put through the mulcher then to the worms it will go. This was a quick and painless job.
Spent our Sunday preparing the next area for them to go into, which thanks to all the rain the fence line required slashing first. No drama except that some areas of the paddock are still a bit water logged and soft and alas the tractor got bogged.
Yep, just a wee bit bogged!
DS to the rescue.
Bouncing back from this little hiccup the electric fence was put up and come early evening the goats were caught and given a worming drench then locked in the trailer to purge overnight. Ok I need to mention here that should anyone be thinking of building a portable animal shelter then add (when constructing) places to hitch or tie your animals to. It all works well when they are trying to get out of the rain and remain dry but when you change their normal routines the pecking order kicks in and we found that the "boss" was being exactly that. We needed to tie them up to prevent injury. Mental note : weld hitching rings to each corner of the trailer before we need to worm them again. Now they are joyfully grazing in their new paddock.
I managed to do my normal back to school cooking which generally consists of smokos for the lunch boxes. DD was pestering me for a slice of the date and walnut cake, with the answer being a firm "no". But whilst I was out helping with the fence, look what happened to the cake...
This is the scene that greeted me on my return........ I have to give her credit for her efforts. On the right bottom of the photo you can see a note, written left hand so that I wouldn't be able to recognize the handwriting.....ummm.......and it reads "Oh my god, this cake is yummy"........ and paying a compliment no less !!!!!

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Cheeky little cake nibbler :)