Friday, May 20, 2011

Farm Project - part 2

Well no guesses as to what this farm project is, so here are a few more clues for you. Add to the recipe some sheet metal, brushable tar, a few screws and some wire.......
Above - this project requires a slatted floor....
Below - what it is being built for.....
Can you guess now???
Tad Dah.... A portable goat house.
Its built like a meccano set, and can be removed leaving the trailer and crate free to use if need be. The floor is slatted and has been painted with sump oil to preserve the hardwood timber. The trailer floor and sides have been painted also with brushable tar. So basically the goats aren't sleeping in their manure and we can collect the droppings for our worm farm (no waste), the tailgate has been cut out so that the liquid (wee) can drain off. When we want to move the goats to a new area we simply put the ramp in the trailer and just hook onto it.
Ok so its not quite finished, still requires mesh to fill in the gable top and on the draw bar will be added a tank to collect the rain water which will be caught from the guttering so that we can set up a water trough irrespective of what paddock they are in.
The portable goat house can house 4 goats comforably, so hence my milking goat herd limit. "Lilly" I am happy to report has regained her sight. All the goats are looking and feeling good and recovering well from their terrible bout of illness.


Narelle said...

Wow, very clever!
Everyone will be happy :)
I like the idea of including a rainwater tank.

Olive Blue said...

Not what I was expecting, but then I refuse to keep goats. Had them as a child and never want to be near them again. But still want a piglet, lamb or even a peacock would be cool.