Saturday, December 4, 2010

Compost completed!

It seems the weather is dictating what we can and can't do around the farm lately. In the last 10 days we have received 137mls of rain. The ground is absolutely drenched and the creeks are flowing with a good shower now being the difference of being flooded in or not.

(Pictured one of the compost heaps)

In betweeen showers we have managed to make the required amount of compost which will be spread on the plot where next years garlic will be planted. The green manure crop of cow pea has reached heights that DH has not seen before. A good indication that we are on the right track with our fertility farming.

All but the last row of potatoes have been harvested and the yeild was higher than we first thought. However due to the wet I don't think these will be any good because of waterlogging. So next year we have decided (with the wisdom of hindsight) to grow two small crops instead.

Christmas cheer is in the air, plans for the family gathering are well underway and most of the present shopping has been completed, yeah! Last night was our school concert and it was great fun. DD was very pleased to find that she was successfully elected on the student council for next year. This is where the power is she reckons, like you get to decide on discos and free dress days...............

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chook said...

good to hear you are not washed away that compost heap is huge
hugs Beth