Thursday, August 26, 2010

Snow pea bounty........

DD still has a bit of a cough more so in the evenings so we didn't go to guides on Monday night. DH is somewhat better although he over did things on the tractor yesterday and took a bit of a step backwards but all in all is on the mend.

Ventured out to the garden to see what I could harvest with the mindset that if there were no shops would we go hungry today? (I'm thinking along these lines as I have just finished reading 4 books by Laura Ingalls Wilder but more on that in a minute) Alas no! These beautiful juicy snowpeas were just waiting to be picked and of course I was doing my duty by making sure they were ok with the not so odd taste test here and there hehehe......

A bit of recycling here, the actual frame for the peas is a bed frame held in place by pickets. Once this crop is finished we can easily move it onto another place in the garden. I was able to pick 1 1/2 kgs of organically grown snow peas. I also harvested some loofahs. We've ditched the synthetic sponge in the bathroom for the more natural loofah and I have to admit that I'm surprised how long they actually last. (I have seeds to give away should anyone wants some.)

However, it was the self sown cherry tomatoes that really inspired my creative side. I thought hmmm what can I do with these keeping in mind my waste not want not attitude and my first (or should I say second?) idea was to make jam but I didn't have enough and they looked so good that I decided to make pizza and use them for topping. Great idea but how do you make pizza dough? no drama, I just googled it! Now to get it to rise in a warm and draught free place, hmmm got it! DS ute with the windows rolled up and the doors closed and its only metres from the kitchen door (worked a treat) Anyway my lovely children were most pleasantly surprised when they returned home to the smell of fresh pizza and I can add that there wasn't any left over!

As I mentioned the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder were 3 of the little house series ie "Little House in the Big Woods" and the other "Farmer boy" which is my favourite so far. DD is reading these which then got my interest going. I got them off ebay for a song. I find it very inspiring to follow along the path of our forefathers and most interesting are the detailed accounts of how they smoke their meat to last over the winter, cheese making, making butter, candle making - well all of it really! It has given me a new appreciation of my modest cottage and I haven't nagged my DH about our old mattress that is in need of replacing since I read that they make their mattress frames from lashing ropes from side to side and filling the bed sized bag with dry grass from the prairie!

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chook said...

your peas look yummy and I LOVE LITTLE HOUSE books I read them when I was at school must see if I can find some to reread
hugs Beth