Sunday, August 29, 2010

The bug is back........

NO! not me too..... yep that nasty bug has returned with DH going for round two and this time it got me as well. Generally feeling awful, sore throat and persistant cough. Boo hoo.... Saturday morning I discovered that the washing machine had died and come lunchtime thought I'd best check my emails only to discover the computer is not working..... it just gets better GRRR!

Our original intention for the weekend was to get all our lovely glady bulbs in the ground. Although not feeling well DH ploughed it over again making sure the soil is broken up and all the weeds dead. So while he was doing this I thought I'd de-cobweb one wall of the house, with the timer set for 10 minutes I grabbed the ladder and broom. I started my accent on the ladder no problem there except that I'm scared of heights. What can I say! except that it took a few 10 minutes and I had to speak sternly to myself at one stage but it actually looks like someone cares for the place now.

The unexpected arrival of visitors delayed the bulb planting and eventually we just gave up on the idea of getting it done this weekend. DH decided to water his garlic crop instead which meant that he would be running the pump so that means pressure in the hose. Couldn't possibly waste the opportunity to wash the mouldy wall on the otherside of the house. Not so timid on the ladder now and I attacked the wall with gutso and diluted bleach. Wow what a difference it made and I managed to get it all but done before the pump ran out of fuel. It looks 100% on what it was.

DH spraying the garlic with diluted liquid seaweed.

Well I can honestly say that this weekend did not turn out how we had planned and that we have had better but the house and the garlic are better for it! DD is out for the count on her bed, a sure sign she is not well. Tired, DS is now home and has brought home with him his sore throat. Oh my poor babies!

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chook said...

oh my dear friend I hope you are all better very soon I am proud of you on the ladder good Job my back steps will not be such a problem now will they
hugs Beth