Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday in the garden ...

During the week we have been busy sorting ginger ready for planting while DH has been preparing the paddock, spreading organic fertilizer and forming beds etc.  So come Sunday we spent it relaxing in the garden and while there we made a frame and covered the tomato bed with bird netting.   Yipppeee ..........

We used PVC and bamboo grown on the farm for the frame.  There are 11 tomato plants in this bed plus a Persimmon tree.
This bed holds the remaining 6 tomato plants and acouple of capsicum plants.
Plus my sweet corn for Christmas.
This is my second frame and this time I did make a few improvements on the first.
  • I wasn't so lousy this time and the added length made it easier to place the brick to hold the whole thing down.
  • DH adjusted the leg length of the frame so I won't hit my head when I go in and out.
  • I made the door opening differently and it is now easier to access.
My first covered frame looks pretty sad in comparison to the others and is looking bad enough that I feel the need to re-do it, but this will need to wait until the ginger is resting snuggly in the ground.  I have made two jars of strawberry jam so far with enough for another bottle.  A far cry from my vision of rows of bottles of jam in my pantry but it is a start, it wasn't that long ago that I thought we'd end up with zilch.
So all is on track - my goal - to grow enough tomatoes to make pasta sauce.  I have never done this before so it will certainly be a learning curve for me.

Happy Gardening everyone!

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