Sunday, October 21, 2012

We flicked the switch .... the trial begins

Our last shopping trip, prior to the fires, was something that we both enjoyed (surprised??).   We were like two kids at Christmas, excited and happy.  You see we have had two goals in mind for a while and this trip we were able to go ahead and purchase the things needed to implement our goals, it was a remarkable day (mark that one on the calendar!)

Goal number 1 - After relocating our house and surviving an inside and out reno, once we received our final approval it was tools down.  So after alot of figuring, we were able to get everything we needed to collect our storm water.  (probably inspired by our DSIL whom DH helped to set up their water pipes for the shed about 2 weeks before) Anyway the day before DS headed back the boys got it all done.  We will now be able to collect all the rain water from the house, yeh!!!  (A major step)

Getting ready to lay the pipe. 
In goes the pipe.

Goal number 2 - (Its a big one) After setting up solar panels to feed back into the grid, the next step was to go solar for our hot water.  Presently our hot water is contributing to more than half our power bill. 

So we took the plunge.  We got the kit from here and by going this way we could incorporate our existing hot water tank.  There is however, two things that I would like to add before you all run off and buy one!  Firstly we thought that the kit would include everything needed, not so.  Add another couple of hundred for the extras.  Second, don't even attempt doing this yourself if you haven't any know how about plumbing (took DH a few days to get up and running)

Now having said that, (drum roll....) we turned the mains power off to the hot water system a few days ago.  Just like when we had the solar panels installed we needed to review how to best utilize the system and changed our ways accordingly, the same for the solar hot water system.  If needed we can always flick the switch back on again, no drama.   So the trial begins .................................................  I'll keep you posted.




Enchanted Moments said...

Happy warmed by the sun showers to you...!

Narelle said...

Well done on the solar :)
Love your green grass to ... ours has turned brown :(

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Oh my you guys make me fell covered in the dust trail..... You are awesome!
I just tried this link and it worked sorry about the one on my blog I will try to change it. Thanks for letting me know....

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Feel not fell hahaha

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Thanks, I will do a posting soon to let you know how we are adapting with the switch.